Clinical Services

Hospital Consulting Services

Here at UMass, we provide exceptional consultant care for poisoned patients in a variety of settings — ranging from the emergency department, to the intensive care units, to the clinical environment. Common calls to our service include:

  • Intentional overdoses in adolescents and adults
  • Exploratory ingestions in children
  • Medication errors
  • Occupational exposures
  • Adverse drug events
  • Child protection cases

Any provider can contact us through Care Connect (508-334-4111) and ask for Toxicology to reach a physician team member and discuss an individual case and recommendations.

Outpatient Clinic

The Division also runs a monthly clinic for outpatients. Our clinic, staffed by a board-certified medical toxicologist and toxicology fellows, is one of its kind in Central Massachusetts. It enables us to provide continuity of care for patientsĀ  who are first seen in the Emergency Department or the hospital, as they transition into the outpatient setting. We also see new patients for a variety of toxicologic (or suspected toxicologic) exposures, including:

  • Abnormal drug testing requiring interpretation
  • Environmental or occupational chemical exposures
  • Elevated chromium and cobalt levels in setting prosthetic hips
  • Environmental exposures and envenomations
  • Independent medical evaluations
  • Interpretation of drug testing
  • Medication interactions
  • Prior overdose requiring follow-up
  • Suspected heavy metal toxicity

Patients are usually referred by a primary care physician or specialist.
For patients: Schedule an appointment by callingĀ (508) 421-1455.


For the official UMass Memorial Medical Center Toxicology/Poison Care page, click here.

The American College of Medical Toxicology has some cool resources we like, including answers to common tox questions and an opportunity to ask a toxicologist.